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Mermaid Slot Machine: A Comprehensive Review

It’s no doubt that the underwater scenery is a beauty to behold. The sight of it will most likely stirrup a craving for an underwater experience. You might already have a real-life experience of what under the sea looks and feels like, which gives you a strong reason to relive the experience via games. However, in case you haven’t, movies like the “Little Mermaid” and aquatic documentaries must have done enough to whet your appetite for an experience.

What better way to have this experience you yearn for than playing the Mermaid slot machine created to meet your needs. You will love what the game creators did with the game. Hence, there is more to this slot machine than meets the eye. Want to know? Let’s dive right into it.

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Mermaid Slot Theme: Graphical and Musical

You are promised a world of underwater and Mermaid fantasy, and that is what you’ll get. For this reason, the atmosphere was created to give you the best underwater effect. One that doesn’t differ from the real-life experience but also comes with extra spice.

Here, the graphics are done in such a way that it portrays the underwater scenery with a cartoonish appeal. The setting of the background shows an ocean, deep blue and beautiful with bubbles floating all over. There are also shadows and silhouettes, implying that there are more sea creatures beyond what you see at a glance. Beneath the ocean lies stones concealed by colourful plants and coral reefs. There’s no music in the background. But, that’s because the sound of bubbles provides the sound effect. Amazing!

Mermaid Slot Machine: How To Play

It’s no fun when you see a game you love but find it extremely confusing and complicated to play. This is why playing on the mystical Mermaid slot machine is straightforward. Nonetheless, it still gives you the adventurous feel you would expect from the underwater world.

Just as it is in a real-life underwater scenario, there are also priceless shells at the bottom of the ocean in this game. However, rather than just the shells, hidden treasures are lying below for you to win. But, first, you have to take a swim to the prize table and have a glance at the likely prizes you could win before you begin to play.

All you need to do to win is to ensure the reels’ symbols are well-matched along any active pay line. While a few symbols mean you win a prize for any match of two, the others don’t grant any prize win until you make a match of three.

You get to win the best prize of the lot tagged “the emerald tailed mermaid” worth 10,000 for making a match of five. It also passes as the symbol that aids you in making line matching easier. Using this Mermaid as your win strategy guarantees you double of whatever prize you win.

Mermaid Slot Machine Promotions: Free Spins Bonus

Although Mermaid’s general package is fantastic and engaging, there are also free spins thrown into the mix. Free Spin mode can only be activated once you land on the mystical Mermaid game reels Free Spins symbols.

Mermaid Slot Machine: Can I Play With Real Money?

At this casino, you have an opportunity to either play with real money or for free. It is easy to play. So, if you decide to play with real money, there are available bet options for you. Hence, you can play with a bet as low as 45 coins or go as high as betting 22500 coins. Whatever your choice of real money bet may be, the slot lies in wait, prepared to go for a spin. Make your real money deposit and start spinning.

If you are ready for an adventurous underwater experience, there is no better option to explore than diving with the mystical Mermaid slot.

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